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Whatever services you require, if you wish to restrict access but a full access control system is not a suitable or a cost effective answer is required, Briar of Cambridge offer security with easy to use phone entry systems produced by top manufacturers from both the UK and Europe.


Cambridge based Briar offer a range from a simple one phone, one door system to full blown multi-phone systems with video entry – security solutions ideal for flats and multi occupancy offices, enabling you to see who is at the door before you let them in.


The scope and range of services is vast and after a free site survey, we can design and install a system that best suits your situation.


Access Control


Whether you need the security of a single door with simple mechanical door lock, a phone/video entry system or a large multi site computer controlled system Cambridge based Briar have a service to help.

The key to any security access control system is to prevent access by unauthorised personnel but retaining the level of service and ease of use for all authorised users of the premises. We will provide a free survey and then design a system that best suits your needs.


Some top end examples of the products we install are Entro and Granta.


For more information for these services in the Cambridge area call Briar Security on 01223 262728.


Access Cards & Photo ID


Why use several cards, when one will do the job of all of them?  Cambridge based Briar’s card access systems offer personalised Photo ID cards that can incorporate magstripes, barcodes, smart chips, signature strips and company logos. They can then be used for auto vending & barcode logging facilities as well as your standard access control.


Proximity reader based access control systems


Access to the premises is granted by use of a personal card or token. With an 'active' system the holder need only walk up to within 1 meter of the receiver to open the door. With a 'passive' system they must present the card to within 30cm of the reader.


In order to advise you on the best card or token for your premises, requirements and budget we would need to complete a site survey. This is a free service. Just phone us to make an appointment.


For more information for these services in the Cambridge area call Briar Security on 01223 262728.


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